Sail for Gold Wrap Up

We finished the event in Weymouth with three races on Friday, September 18. With a solid 14-7-11 score-line, we moved up to 15th overall. We learned a vast amount, and we performed under pressure at the end of the event.
The Sail for Gold Regatta culminated a long season of racing in Europe. The final day gave us the chance to put all we learned on display for the final time in 2009. Our starts were not great, as each one that got away was under a black flag. We could not afford to find any letters in our scores at the end of the day, so we played the line a bit more conservatively. By making some good early escapes and staying on the lifted tack on the shifty upwind legs we were able to round the first mark in fair positions. Downwind was intense, as a sizeable swell rolled into the bay from the East. With the waves aligned much further from the right than the wind, there were great opportunities to plane down the waves on starboard jibe. Sailing our own race downwind and putting ourselves in a clear lane coming back towards the gate on starboard proved valuable. With good speed upwind and downwind, we made the most of some tight situations.
Coming into this event, our goal was to finish top twenty. With forty-three entries, the Sail for Gold had fewer competitors than some of our previous events. The caliber of the competition, however, left nothing to be desired. With all the early front-runners for the Olympics in 2012 in attendance, the field was deep. By finishing fifteenth, we fulfilled a goal we had made for ourselves while at the same time capitalizing on the opportunity to make a solid impression on our US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics coaches and supporters. With the pressure on the final day, we got the job done.
Now at the end of our final trip to Europe for 2009, we can reflect on our progress and contemplate our future. While we have come a long way, there is still much work to be done. We will take a short break while awaiting our boat to arrive stateside again, when we will begin our sprint into 2010. Our first training camp begins in the end of October, when three other teams from Germany, Finland, and Denmark join us in Clearwater for two weeks. This is a time to capitalize on our progress made already and to make another leap to the front of the fleet.
We must thank all of our supporters, without whose help we could not have accomplished any of our success to this point. Thanks to our many friends and family who have donated monetarily as well as volunteered their time, their floor space, and their expertise in different areas. Thanks to the US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics and their sponsors, including Rolex, Atlantis WeatherGear, and Sperry Top-Sider.
Having sailed on the Olympic Waters for the first time, we are all the more driven to accomplish our end goal. We hope you continue on with us as we surge towards Gold in 2012.


One Response to Sail for Gold Wrap Up

  1. Rich Rubel says:

    Guys, your friends at the Lloyd Harbor YC read your excellent postings, glean a lot of information of what it is like to race at such a level and are proud to be affiliated with your campaign. Keep up the great work and know that we are with you each step of the way. Congratulations on a great campaign thus far! Sinclerly, Rich Rubel, Commodore LHYC

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